Due to our recent fire, we have had to make adjustments to our snow routes.  For the rest of this Winter, we will prioritize our roads and run the priority routes first, then when possible we will run the secondary routes.  Just to be clear, the Priority routes are the larger and heavier traveled roads and the secondary routes are the less traveled residential side roads.

Also,  in the past, people have asked why we can’t plow the State roads in the county.  We are not allowed to do so and if we could do so, it would put us behind on our removal and salt supply so we would not get done with our own roads.

Please be patient with us, as we continue to work with the equipment that we have available.  Also keep in mind that we have 886 roads that total 458 miles and we promise to do the best to our ability when it comes to the snow removal.  We are working diligently to rebuild and replace our equipment, but as you may know, it will take some time.  Thanks again for your understanding.