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Kentucky TVA Counties Economic Development Bills

Kentucky Senate Bill 9 and its companion House Bill 114, would reinvest more money in the 39 counties in the state that are powered by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Please see the following flier for more details.

Shar-Cal Road Bridge

In 2016, a state of emergency was declared by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin due to flooding that affected a large part of western Kentucky, including Marshall County. Several area roads and bridges were damaged as a result of this flooding.

The Shar-Cal Road Bridge that crosses Little Cypress Creek, was put into service in 2003. This 60’ x 24’ timber bridge should have been in operation for many years. Unfortunately, the flood waters damaged the structure beyond repair.

Working with Jim Smith Contracting and FEMA, it was determined that a larger bridge would better suit the area. A 90’ x 24’ concrete bridge was designed and put into place. We are happy to say this project has been completed and the road is open for traffic!

Bid List Signup

Marshall County keeps an active email list for anyone who would like to be informed of new bid requests for services, products, equipment, etc.

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