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County Government provides necessary service to the people; therefore, Marshall County Government offices will remain open and staffed throughout this COVID-19 health emergency. However, county offices will be available online and over the telephone for your business and personal needs. Office buildings will not be accessible to the general public in order maintain maximum social distancing to provide for continued health and safety of county employees and people of the community. Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, until further notice, county office buildings will be accessible to staff and employees of Marshall County Government only. Please contact these offices for your county assistance. Please see county office websites and social media platforms for details. Feel free to call the offices that provide the assistance you require. Some ofthe services provided by County Government may require a personal visit. Preparations are being made in each department to accommodate these services, whenever possible. For personal access to services that require face to face contact, please call the appropriate office. We cannot allow crowds or long lines to develop at the offices. Therefore, please do not come to the Marshall County Courthouse or other County buildings without calling beforehand, as you may not be able to get immediate assistance. Hopefully these changes will be short term. Thank you for understanding during these COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

Marshall County Judge/Executive and Deputy Judge Executive (270) 527-4750(270) 527-4750
Marshall County Clerk (270) 527-4740(270) 527-4740
Marshall County Treasurer (270) 527-4725(270) 527-4725
Marshall County Attorney (270) 527-4730(270) 527-4730
Property Valuation Office (270) 527-4728(270) 527-4728
Marshall County Road Department (270) 527-3173(270) 527-3173
Marshall County Parks Department (270) 527-5284(270) 527-5284
Marshall County Animal Shelter (270) 527-0954(270) 527-0954

A copy of this press release may be obtained here.

Declaration Of A Local State Of Emergency

On March 10th, 2020, Marshall County Judge Executive Kevin Neal declared a State of Emergency for Marshall County. The official declaration may be found here.

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