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From The Judge's Desk

Welcome to Marshall County from Judge / Executive Kevin Neal

Marshall County Judge-Executive Kevin E. Neal was sworn in November 4, 2015 following a special election. He and his wife, Tabitha, have five children and reside in Benton. Judge Neal is retired from both the United States Marine Corps and the Paducah Police Department, where he earned several commendations, including the Purple Heart and the Top Law Enforcement Sniper Team award.

Judge Neal proudly served his country and is honored to serve his longtime community of Marshall County. A native of Calvert City and graduate of Marshall County High School, he is dedicated to this county and its citizens. Judge Neal is working toward a more transparent and fiscally responsible government, while making every effort to ensure the county’s prosperity.

In 1958, John F. Kennedy said, “Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past – let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

Judge Neal believes standing together will provide this county endless opportunity in the future. He encourages all citizens of Marshall County to be involved in the community and with the local government. Judge Neal welcomes your comments and opinions and thanks you for your help in making Marshall County the best it can be.

You may reach Judge Neal’s office at (270) 527-4750(270) 527-4750 or by email at judgeexecutive@marshallcountyky.gov.

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Justin Lamb
Justin Lamb
Kevin Spraggs
Kevin Spraggs
Monti Collins
Monti Collins

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CodeRED is a system that allows the residents of Marshall County to receive information in during emergencies. Click here to find out how to sign up for this free service!