Marshall County E911
The Marshall County E-911 Center serves as the hub of emergency response in the county. Marshall County E-911 dispatches for all nine fire departments, three police agencies, Emergency Management, Rescue, EMS, Animal Control, Marshall County First Responders, Red Cross and CIMAP.

We also dispatch via mutual agreements for agencies such as the Kentucky State Police, Park Rangers, Fish and Wildlife, etc. when they are assisting in-county, and numerous other agencies, including call outs for the Road Department, State Highway Department, Multiple Utility Companies, Air Medical, Refuse Department, etc.Our annual call volume between public admin, internal office and 911 call volume is over 100,000.

On average, Marshall County E-911 logs over 1,000 communications per day between phone, radio and person-to person traffic. In the past three years, we have dispatched over 90,000 calls for service to local agencies and have also served as the activation point for emergency sirens in the county.