Building Office
The Marshall County Building Office enforces the Kentucky Building Code and the Kentucky Residential Code, issues building permits and conducts inspections for all construction in Benton, Calvert City and Hardin as well as in the County. Building permits are required for all construction within Marshall County, both commercial and residential.

Any construction project, residential or commercial, can be a difficult undertaking. This office is here to assist in any way possible, in order to insure a safe building is completed. The permitting process allows for open communication between the building official and the owner or contractor. When followed, the permitting process can aid in establishing a smooth project. When the permitting process is forgotten or abandoned, the project often suffers and additional costs are incurred in order to correct issues once they are discovered.

Due to the workload and other duties of this office, it is recommended that anyone seeking a personal meeting should call the office to arrange an appointment.

It is our mission to insure the safety and welfare of Marshall County through enforcement of the Kentucky Building Code by performing plan reviews and inspections during building construction. We strive to enforce the Building Code in a fair and considerate manner. The safety of the public and the home owner was the basis for the establishment of the Building Code and therefore will be the primary goal of this office.