Marshall County Detention Center


No cell phones are allowed in the jail lobby. If you are found with a phone, you will be asked to take your phone to your vehicle or the phone can be kept in the jail office until you leave. A "no cell phones" sign is posted at the front of the jail. Repeat offences may affect your eligibility to visit.

Inmate visitation had been temporarily suspended. We will allow people into the lobby to use the kiosk machines. Only one person will be allowed in the lobby at a time. The front office will not be accessible to the public and the control room operator will be responsible for letting people in and out of the lobby.

The kiosk machines are available from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


Beginning September 1, 2021 all items for current inmates must be purchased from the jail commissary. Inmates will be able to receive 3 books, mailed in from a retailer, every 90 days.

New inmates are eligible to receive items from an outside retailer up to 14 days from book-in date. All clothing items must be purchased from a retail store of your choosing and be shipped in by mail from the store itself not from an individual. If items are shipped from an individual, it will be returned to the sender. Clothing may not be brought to the jail in-person. After the 14th day, no items will be allowed in from outside and all items must be purchased from commissary. There will be no exceptions.

The following list is not all-inclusive and is subject to change at any time:. Please note: All clothing must be cotton material.
  • 5 short sleeved cotton tee shirts
  • 7 pair of socks
  • 7 pair of underwear
  • 2 handkerchiefs
  • 2 sets of long john (thermal) tops and bottoms (WAFFLE STYLE)
  • 2 bras, no underwire (female inmates only)
  • 2 pair of shorts, cotton gym type shorts
All items must be white or grey and have no letters or images included. Draw strings, buttons, zippers, blue jean shorts, sweatshirts or sweat/pajama pants will not be allowed.


All inmates have access to order canteen from screens in their cells where they can purchase hygiene articles, snacks and any writing material they want including stamped envelopes. Money may be placed on an inmates account by phone by dialing 1-800-622-81661-800-622-8166, online at, or on a kiosk in the jail lobby.

We also have the Care-A-Cell company where inmate “care packages” can be purchased and delivered weekly to the inmate at the jail. To order call 1-800-622-81661-800-622-8166 or visit their website at


Combined Public Communications is the phone provider used by the Jail. Inmates have the opportunity to purchase phone cards here at the jail. There is also a kiosk in the lobby where money can be placed on an inmate’s phone account or you can place money on their account over the phone by calling 1-877-998-56781-877-998-5678 or online at