Emergency Management

The Marshall County Emergency Management Agency is the unit of local government responsible for the coordination of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts pertaining to major emergencies or disasters arising from natural or man-made causes. This is in accordance with State Statutes and Federal Laws.

We provide a number of services important to community awareness and preparedness. Services include providing information to the public such as our citizens, businesses, industries, schools, hospitals, senior centers and organizations to promote disaster planning.During a major disaster or emergency, MCEMA coordinates private and public sector resources to support disaster response and recovery from the County Emergency Operations Center. In the event that the incident exceeds local resource capabilities, MCEMA will request specific resource assistance from our state or federal partners. After a major disaster, MCEMA will seek a federal disaster declaration to aid disaster victims and public sector response and recovery efforts.

Major emergencies or disasters from natural causes include snow or ice storms, floods, tornadoes, as well as the serious threat of a major earthquake along the New Madrid or Wabash Valley Seismic zones. Man-made causes include hazardous materials at fixed facilities or along our major highways, railroads, pipelines and rivers.