Property Tax Rates

The property tax bill you receive (usually around October 1st) is the result of the value of your property multiplied by a combination of rates set forth by various taxing entities, such as:

  • state
  • county
  • cities
  • local taxing districts (ex schools, fire departments, etc)

The various tax rates for 2023 can be viewed here.
Historical tax rate books are provided by the Kentucky Department of Revenue and have been made available on their official website.

Property Valuation Process

The value of your property is assessed at its fair cash value (the price it would bring at a fair sale).
If you feel your property is incorrectly assessed, you may schedule a conference with the Property Valuation Administrator before or during the Open Inspection period. The Inspection Period is typically sometime in May, and will be advertised on the courthouse doors and in the local newspaper with the widest circulation.

For more information about Kentucky property taxes and the valuation process, please view this downloadable document.