Additional Requirements

While the following requirements are not administered by this office, they are a part of the required documentation necessary to receive a Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Department.

Electrical Permit

According to the 2014 NEC, 2014 NEC (National Electrical Code) effective October 1, 2014, all electrical work must be performed by a Kentucky Licensed Electrical Contractor who employees at least one Kentucky Licensed Master Electrician. Electrical work must be inspected and approved by the Marshall County Electrical Inspector. The electrical inspection fees are based on the dollar value of the electrical contract including labor and materials. A copy of the electrical contract shall be submitted to the Marshall County Building Office along with contract information and license numbers. Inspections are scheduled directly through the electrical inspector.

Larry “Cat” Spears – Electrical Inspector

electrical inspector phone
Phone: (270) 703-0791(270) 703-0791

HVAC Permits

HVAC (Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning) work must be in accordance with the 2012 International Mechanical Code. All work must be performed by a Kentucky Licensed HVAC Contractor. Contractors are responsible for obtaining permits from the State which can be obtained at:

Andy Suiter – HVAC Inspector

HVAC inspector phone
Phone: (270) 356-6319(270) 356-6319
HVAC inspector email

Plumbing and Environmental Permits

Plumbing plans for commercial and multi-family projects must be pre-approved by the Division of Plumbing. Plans should be sent to the Marshall County Health Department for the Environmental Review and will be forwarded to the Division of Plumbing . Submissions must include a Kentucky Plan Application Form sent with the plans.

Kyle Bealmear – Plumbing Inspector

plumbing and environmental inspector phone
Phone: (270) 505-2166(270) 505-2166
plumbing and environmental inspector email

Michael Carlson – Environmental Inspector

Phone: (270) 252-2720(270) 252-2720

Zoning Compliance

Marshall County does not having zoning regulations, however the cities of Benton and Calvert City do have zoning requirements which must be adhered to during the permitting and construction process. A zoning permit or letter of compliance must be obtained and produced for the building permit application.

City of Benton

Phone: (270) 527-0056(270) 527-0056

Calvert City

John Ward – Zoning Administrator

Phone: (270) 395-7138(270) 395-7138