Commercial Permit
A building permit is issued by the Marshall County Building Office to applicants following approval of their application and their submitted documents. The permit is issued granting approval to begin construction of the approved project, upon payment of the plan review and inspection fee, also known as the permit fee.

Commercial Permit Application Process

What requires a permit?

The Marshall County Building Office will review and inspect all new construction, alterations and changes of use within the County and the Cities of Benton and Calvert City. Marshall County performs plan reviews and inspections on all occupancy types with the exception of education, day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and high hazard which are still reviewed and inspected by the Kentucky DHBC.

Building Plan Submission Process

Include the following with the building plan submittal:
  • One complete set of plans with a digital copy of the plans
  • One set of specifications (if available)
  • One Marshall County Commercial Building Application completed and signed (pdf).
  • Energy conservation calculations – COM Check/ RES Check Forms (1301.1.1, KBC)
  • Affidavit of Assurances – completed and submitted with drawings
  • Letter of special inspections (see below)
  • One copy of Zoning Compliance if the project is within city limits.

Procedure For Submitting Corrected Or Updated Plans

    • One set of revised architectural plans and one copy of the revised plans
    • Cover letter identifying the project and revisions.
  • 1101 Main Street, Suite 200 Benton, KY 42025

Building Plan Requirements

The following information shall be included with plan submittals. Plans shall be drawn with all information shown clearly. Site Plan & Site Survey
  • Property lines and platted easements
  • Roadway and entry locations
  • Note all required building setback lines
  • Building footprint and location of existing structures
  • Indicate location of new building services (i.e. Utilities)
Construction Plans
  • Plans should be drawn to scale and or clearly dimensioned
  • Complete building plans showing use of all areas
  • Floor Plan showing location of aisles, storage systems, industrial equipment etc.
  • All appropriate wall, floor and foundation sections and details
  • Foundation Plan meeting seismic design D-1
  • Floor and Roof Framing Details (if factory manufactured trusses are used, provide manufacturer spec sheet)
  • Complete door schedule including hardware schedule
  • Complete window and glazing schedule
  • List all fire rated assemblies and documentation of the required rating
  • Details showing all accessibility features for physically disabled
  • Fire Suppression Design Criteria form (if applicable)
  • Electrical plans showing the location of all exit and means of egress lighting
  • Mechanical plans (include location and type of equipment and appliances and an air balance schedule
  • List all design loads for the building
  • Earthquake Design data
  • Sequence of operations for all special systems (smoke control, elevator recall, etc.)
  • Signed and sealed plans when required by KRS 322/323
Application submissions should allow for ten (10) working days before permit issuance. Once the plan review is completed a letter of review is returned to the applicant along with amount owed for the plan review and inspection fee. Payment is made by check, payable to Marshall County Building Office. Fees are nonrefundable.

Structural Tests and Special Inspections

1704.1.1, KBC Building Permit Requirement: The permit applicant shall submit a Statement of Special Inspections as a condition for permit issuance. This statement shall include a complete list of materials and work requiring special inspection by this section. The inspections to be performed and a list of the individuals, approved agencies and firms intended to be retained for conducting such inspections shall be included. Special Inspectors shall be provided by the owner and shall be qualified and approved for the inspection of the work.