Partial Permits

The Building Code Official is authorized to issue a permit for any part of a building or structure before the complete plan package has been submitted. Upon request, the Building Code Official is also authorized to issue partial permits if a complete plan package has been filed but falls short of meeting the requirements for full permit.

The issuance of a partial permit is contingent upon adequate information and details having been filed to demonstrate compliance with all pertinent requirements of the KBC.

Site / Foundation Review

The following items are required before a Site and Foundation Permit is to be issued. Not all items will be applicable on each project. All drawings shall be dimensioned and drawn to scale.
  • Architect/Engineer The services of an Architect or Engineer shall be confirmed. When their services are required, the plans shall bear the seal and signature of the Architect and /or Engineer on each sheet. (KRS 322/323 and Table 122.1, KBC)
  • Site Plan A site plan showing the location of the building and its distance to property lines and other buildings on the same property and finished grades shall be submitted. (Section 107.2.5, KBC)
  • Site Survey A plan illustrating the location of property lines and bearing the seal and signature of a land surveyor shall be submitted. (Section 122.1, KBC and KRS 322 and 323)
  • Notice Information for the installation of underground sprinkler supply lines shown on the site plan is not covered under a site and foundation permit. A separate shop drawing review shall be required for this work. This work shall be performed by a Kentucky licensed sprinkler contractor. (refer to KRS 198B.560)
  • Foundation Plan A foundation plan and details shall be submitted, including anchorage details and minimum footing depths. This includes final anchor bolt plans from preengineered metal buildings,
  • Floor Plans A floor plan of the building with sufficient information to identify all areas and the Use Group shall be submitted. (Chapter 3, KBC)
  • Seismic Design Data & Letter Of Special Inspections (Sections 1603.1.5 and 1704, KBC)
  • Construction Type Sufficient construction details (i.e. exterior walls, bearing structure, interior walls and floor/roof assemblies) shall be submitted to confirm the building will comply with the minimum construction required. (Chapters 5 and 6, KBC)
  • Fire Walls If a fire wall is provided, the location of this wall shall be identified on the foundation and floor plans. A full height section through the wall shall be submitted.
  • Suppression System Fire suppression design criteria form shall be submitted when the project requires a sprinkler system involving more than 10 sprinklers. This applies to limited area systems as well as full coverage systems. (Section 903.2 and 302.1.1, KBC)
  • Energy Energy compliance forms shall be submitted for the envelope of the new building or addition. (Section 1301.1.1, KBC)
  • Affidavit Of Assurances An affidavit of assurances shall be submitted to document compliance with Kentucky laws for workers compensation laws.
  • Additions If the proposed structure is an addition to an existing structure, information confirming the following shall be submitted for the existing building: (Section 3403, KBC)
    • Construction Type
    • Fire wall location, construction and fire rating
    • Building Area
    • Number Stories
    • Use group classification
    • Type suppression system (Full coverage of limited area)
  • Fee The architectural plan review fee shall be paid in full before any release for construction can be issued. (Section 121 KBC)
  • Fast Track Elective For applicants seeking a quicker site and foundation review only – The fee shall be calculated from Table 121.3.1 plus an additional 50% of the full fee. Additional fee shall not be less than $400 and not more than $3000. (Section