Residential Permits

A building permit is issued by the Marshall County Building Office to applicants following approval of their application and their submitted documents. The permit is issued granting approval to begin construction of the approved project, upon payment of the plan review and inspection fee, also known as the permit fee.

Residential Permit Application Process

What requires a permit?
  • New Construction
  • Additions (including enclosing garages, carports, and decks over 200 sq ft)
  • Detached Garages
  • Barns or Pole Barns
  • Renovations that alter the structural integrity of the building

Permit Applications

Applications may be downloaded and are available in the Building Office. Applications can be submitted by the owner, architect, engineer, contractor or a designated agent.

Applications must include all of the following documentation:
  • Building Permit application, completed and signed
  • Copy of Site Evaluation/Septic System Permit (obtained from the Marshall County Health Department)
  • City Zoning Compliance Permit – copy of approved permit.
  • Site Plan
    • Location of building, reference distance to property lines and easements
    • Roadway and driveway location
    • Note all required building setback lines
    • Location and distance to existing structures and utilities
  • Floor Plan—scaled and or clearly dimensioned, noting the location of all doors, windows, steps and smoke alarms. Label each room with its intended use
  • Foundation Plan or Basement Plan—detail girder system and pier spacing along with material sizes.
  • Wall Section that reflects size of structural members, foundation and footer (example here)
  • Roof plan– note material sizes or provide sufficient structural information to determine beam sizes, joists and rafter spans
  • Truss Specifications from the manufacturer detailing the required bracing and design criteria that meet or exceed the local requirements
Plans shall be drawn with all information clearly shown.

Submissions should allow for five (5) working days before permit issuance. Once the plan review is completed, a building permit is issued. The applicant is notified and pick up of the reviewed plans and permit are scheduled. Once payment is received the permit is valid and construction may commence.